Industrial and Solid Wheels

Industrial and Solid Wheels

“The one who invented the wheel was an idiot. He is the one who invented the other three who was a genius. “(Sid Caesar).

Humorous jokes aside, you will find in our catalog a wide range of choice of wheels with castors and not in various materials with different capacities and loads for uses ranging from furniture to pure industrial, construction, passing through dedicated applications such as food, wheels for motor hoes or gates.
There is also a wide choice of solid wheels (for example superelastics for airports) and anti-puncture in foamed polyurethane (PU) for those who have long-lasting requirements or are struggling with problematic flooring.



IndustriaI wheels with swivel and fixed castors and brakes
Nylon rim-solid rubber tyre
Steel rim-solid rubber tyre
Aluminium rim-solid elastic rubber tyre
Medium and heavy duty nylon
Nylon rim-solid elastic rubber tyre
Nylon rim-polyurethane
Aluminium rim-polyurethane
Cast iron rim-solid rubber tyre
Cast iron rim-polyurethane

Heavy duty wheels in solid rubber and polyurethane – Transpallet rollers

Rail decauville wheels – Vee grooved wheels – Heat resistant wheels

Solid rubber and PU wheels for hand trucks, trailers and agricultural – Wheelbarrow wheels
Solid rubber tyre
Nylon-stiff PVC
Gomma soft PU schiumata Soft rubber PU tyre
Pneumatic, solid and PU – swivel and fixed
Solid and half solid rubber tyre

Super-elastic solid rubber tyres and wheels – Cushion rings